Frequently Asked Questions

What are the mission and objectives of the portals?
KIT portals provide access to selected, free Internet resources, including articles, reports, websites, news, and events. The topics covered reflect the diverse areas of expertise of KIT, the Royal Tropical Institute.

KIT portals aim to:

  • achieve adequate levels of completeness within selected sets of Internet resources;
  • contribute significantly to the effective use of Internet resources and communication methods by professional target groups;
  • establish themselves as a platforms for sharing digital information among the professional target groups; and,
  • encourage feedback from the targeted professionals to further improve both portals and portal services.

How can I contribute to a portal?
You may contribute to a portal of your interest in the following ways:

  • bring to our notice new domain- or subdomain-level websites, from which to select new documents, resources, news, and events. You will find a "Suggest a Resource" link on the portal home page.
  • alert us to relevant electronic documents, resources, news, and events;
  • suggest new services for our portal that you would find useful or suggest improvements to existing services; or,
  • recommend any other type of improvement.

Where do I find the search help?
The search help can be found on the homepage search box.