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The KIT Portal Laboratory Quality Strengthening provides access to predominantly free, full-text electronic documents and other internet resources. In some cases only an abstract is available through the portal. Access to the full-text document will depend on whether your institution subscribes to the full-text journal.

All journals that are referred to in this portal are either open access journals or journals that are available through the HINARI Programme, a programme set up by WHO together with major publishers, which enables developing countries to gain access to one of the world's largest collections of biomedical and health literature. Through HINARI, over 7000 journal titles are now available to health institutions in more than 100 countries. To check if your institution is already registred with HINARI, you can consult the list of registered universities and professional schools.

Laboratory Quality Strengthening
Accurate and appropriate diagnostic testing is increasingly recognized as a strategic need to improve global health and to reach Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Evidence-based control strategies for HIV, TB and malaria and many other diseases depend on applying timely diagnostic and monitoring methods. There are gaps between national policies for medical laboratory services and practical tools for implementing quality services. Therefore it is important to improve integration of laboratory services into the general health services, thus enabling support to the total care and management of people with health-related problems.

A comprehensive commitment to quality is essential to achieve the best possible service to patients and increase effectiveness, efficiency and accountability.

KIT has developed a training programme consisting of a series of courses covering all aspects of laboratory quality management. KIT also provides advisory services directed at the technical and managerial upgrading of laboratory services as well as the planning and integration of these services in the health system. This portal aims to provide an overview of resources on the topic.

The KIT Portal Laboratory Quality Strengthening is an interdepartmental initiative. The portal is managed and developed by KIT Information and Library Services with support from KIT Biomedical Research. The latter department uses its expertise and experience with quality systems for laboratories to support human resource and institutional development and training development in low and middle-income countries. The target audience of this portal is formed by the global community of professionals (researchers, policymakers and practitioners) who are involved in laboratory strengthening projects.

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