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You can enter your search here.
This wil bring you to a result page. On this result page, your can further filter your search using the button "Show only items where".
The resultlist has a header showing you options to sort the results by:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Type
  • Publication Year.

If you click again on one of these buttons the sort order will be reversed.

AND Searches
To get results which match multiple words, simply type the words that you want to find. This is the default search behavior.

OR Searches
To search for data which may contain one of a few terms, but not necessarily all of the terms, you need an OR search. Use the keyword OR in between each search term: "dogs OR cats" or "dogs OR cats OR birds".
Notice that the keyword "OR" must be capitalized. If you use the lower case "or" instead, search module thinks that this is another word to search for, and since it is probably smaller than the search word length (the default is 3 characters), search module simply ignores it and does a "AND" search on the two words.

Exclusionary Searches
You can exclude words from your search. The search box allows you to do this using the minus "-" sign. For example "pet stores -chickens" finds all nodes with "pet" and "stores that do not also contain the words "chickens".

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