Piloting laboratory quality system management in six health facilities in Nigeria.

TitlePiloting laboratory quality system management in six health facilities in Nigeria.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMbah, H, Ojo, E, Ameh, J, Musuluma, H, Negedu-Momoh, ORuth, Jegede, F, Ojo, O, Uwakwe, N, Ochei, K, Dada, M, Udah, D, Chiegil, R, Torpey, K
JournalPLoS One
Date Published2014
Publication Languageeng

BACKGROUND: Achieving accreditation in laboratories is a challenge in Nigeria like in most African countries. Nigeria adopted the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa Stepwise Laboratory (Quality) Improvement Process Towards Accreditation (WHO/AFRO- SLIPTA) in 2010. We report on FHI360 effort and progress in piloting WHO-AFRO recognition and accreditation preparedness in six health facility laboratories in five different states of Nigeria.METHOD: Laboratory assessments were conducted at baseline, follow up and exit using the WHO/AFRO- SLIPTA checklist. From the total percentage score obtained, the quality status of laboratories were classified using a zero to five star rating, based on the WHO/AFRO quality improvement stepwise approach. Major interventions include advocacy, capacity building, mentorship and quality improvement projects.RESULTS: At baseline audit, two of the laboratories attained 1- star while the remaining four were at 0- star. At follow up audit one lab was at 1- star, two at 3-star and three at 4-star. At exit audit, four labs were at 4- star, one at 3-star and one at 2-star rating. One laboratory dropped a 'star' at exit audit, while others consistently improved. The two weakest elements at baseline; internal audit (4%) and occurrence/incidence management (15%) improved significantly, with an exit score of 76% and 81% respectively. The elements facility and safety was the major strength across board throughout the audit exercise.CONCLUSION: This effort resulted in measurable and positive impact on the laboratories. We recommend further improvement towards a formal international accreditation status and scale up of WHO/AFRO- SLIPTA implementation in Nigeria.

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Alternate JournalPLoS ONE
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