[The external evaluation of study quality: the role in maintaining the reliability of laboratory information].

Title[The external evaluation of study quality: the role in maintaining the reliability of laboratory information].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMen'shikov, VV
JournalKlin Lab Diagn
Date Published2013 Aug
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KeywordsClinical Laboratory Information Systems, History, 20th Century, History, 21st Century, Humans, Practice Guidelines as Topic, Quality Assurance, Health Care, quality control, Russia

The external evaluation of quality of clinical laboratory examinations was gradually introduced in USSR medical laboratories since 1970s. In Russia, in the middle of 1990 a unified all-national system of external evaluation quality was organized known as the Federal center of external evaluation of quality at the basis of laboratory of the state research center of preventive medicine. The main positions of policy in this area were neatly formulated in the guidance documents of ministry of Health. Nowadays, the center of external evaluation of quality proposes 100 and more types of control studies and permanently extends their specter starting from interests of different disciplines of clinical medicine. The consistent participation of laboratories in the cycles of external evaluation of quality intrinsically promotes improvement of indicators of properness and precision of analysis results and increases reliability of laboratory information. However, a significant percentage of laboratories does not participate at all in external evaluation of quality or takes part in control process irregularly and in limited number of tests. The managers of a number of medical organizations disregard the application of the proposed possibilities to increase reliability of laboratory information and limit financing of studies in the field of quality control. The article proposes to adopt the national standard on the basis of ISO 17043 "Evaluation of compliance. The common requirements of professional competence testing".

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